Affleck a Company man

I know I'm a little behind on this but I just caught GONE BABY GONE the other day and wow, what a quality little flick. So impressed was I, I wondered if Affleck would be slowly retiring from acting roles to concentrate more on his directing gigs. Apparently not as Affleck has signed on to another starring role, this time in the drama THE COMPANY MEN. Affleck will star as one of two men who have been laid off at work and must deal with the consequences at home. John Wells, longtime writer/director/producer of "ER," will make his feature directing debut on the film (considering his history it shouldn't surprise you that Wells also wrote and will produce this film). Though Affleck has set up his next directing gig, he isn't laying off the acting as he's filming the Mike Judge comedy EXTRACT and has STATE OF PLAY and HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU still on the way. No word yet on when filming might begin on COMPANY.

Extra Tidbit: Affleck's last name on his birth certificate is "Affleckbold".
Source: THR



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