After Hugh Jackman films his latest musical he'll...star in another musical

Hugh Jackman just wants to dance...dance...dance! His one-man Broadway show, "Back on Broadway," just wrapped up its run on Sunday and the actor is prepping to star in Universal's LES MISERABLES as rehearsals begin later this month. But that's not enough singing or dancing for Jackman. The actor has committed to starring in "Houdini," a new Broadway musical written by Oscar-winner Aaron Sorkin.

This will not be Jackman's first time playing a mysterious magician (see: THE PRESTIGE) but this time he'll be singing his way through the magic tricks. Jackman will play Harry Houdini and follows his battle with three woman known as "The Spiritualists" who claimed to have supernatural abilities. In real life, Houdini worked for Scientific American to debunk frauds who were fooling scientists in the early 1900s.

The Broadway run is expected to go from 2013-2014 with music from Stephen Schwartz ("Wicked," "Godspell"). But what this really means to nerds like us is, when will THE WOLVERINE begin filming?

There was some speculation that production on the WOLVERINE sequel had been delayed or even shut down (rumors that Fox swiftly denied). But with LES MISERABLES shooting until spring, Jackman would need at least a few months to bulk up into Wolverine shape, do that shoot, and then quickly get into rehearsals for "Houdini." It's not to say that it couldn't work but it's a very tight schedule and one that would mean no more hiccups for the superhero flick, which has seen numerous delays already.

Source: Deadline



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