After two months of filming, Alice Eve joins the cast of Men in Black 3

As you may have heard, things aren't exactly running smoothly in the world of MEN IN BLACK. First Tommy Lee Jones said he had no idea what the plot of the movie was and then the LA Times reported that the film, already on a planned hiatus, would not resume shooting as scheduled and would be delayed over a month to resolve pressing script issues. One resolution to the problems? Bring in a sexy new actress. Deadline is reporting that Alice Eve has signed on to join the cast as a younger version of Emma Thompson's "O," who has taken over for Zed as the head of the MIB program.

Before filming began, the production schedule was broken up into two chunks: Tommy Lee Jones and no Tommy Lee Jones. Since the film takes place in two time periods - 2011 and 1969 - the studio set filming to begin last November on the 2011 portion, which would have Jones reteaming with Will Smith. Filming was set to break during January while the cast and crew readied for the 1969 shoot where Josh Brolin would play a younger version of Jones.

It became clear though that the 1969 portion of the film (which is the bulk of the story) was having major script issues. An earlier version of the script I had read does not include Eve's character (named Olivia, who's just a secretary at the MIB facilities in the late-60s) so it's likely her character was part of the rewrites that Jeff Nathanson (CATCH ME IF YOU CAN) was brought in on.

As it currently stands, production is not set to resume on MIB:III until March 28th and hopefully by then they've fixed all these issues.

Source: Deadline



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