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Spanish director Alejandro Amenábar has been pretty quiet since attracting international attention with ABRE LOS OJOS in 1997; his only 2 films after were THE OTHERS and THE SEA INSIDE, and that one was 5 years ago. By the epic and lush look of his latest project's trailer though, it probably means he just he took his time to do it right. Some of his peers should do as much...

His new film AGORA stars the hypnotically lovely Rachel Weisz as iconic philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and pagan Hypatia of Alexandria in a story centered on the rise of Christianity at the turn of the 5th century, as the Roman Empire was nearing its demise.

The film is set to screen at the Toronto International Festival next month, hopefully leading to a North American release deal instead of yet again being remade; nothing against VANILLA SKY, but... Oh heck, I hated it! Alright? That trailer is right down here, so enjoy!

Extra Tidbit: Keep your eyes open for a blink-and-youll-miss Michael Lonsdale. I can't say why but that guy always fascinates me when he's onscreen.
Source: Latino Review



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