Ahmet Zappa gets Disney in on the Monster Witness Relocation Program

One of the Zappa children has sold a script to Disney.

Ahmet Zappa (pictured on the left) penned a screenplay with Michael Wilson titled, MONSTER WITNESS RELOCATION PROGRAM. Whew. Long, yet interesting title for a film.

Word on the street is that Jaden Smith is a potential lead to star in the film, but hasn't been locked down for it yet. The little fellow wasn't too bad in THE KARATE KID remake. I was actually surprised with how entertaining that movie ended up being. So, I wouldn't mind seeing him in something else, especially since Zappa penned half of the screenplay. There are no details on the plot. Just the fact that it is an original creation from Zappa.

Awhile back, another one of Zappa's creations was nabbed up by the studio. Zappa's novel for kids, "Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty McFearless" was acquired and never got up off the ground. The story focused on, "a brother and sister who discover they hail from a long line of monster hunters. They have to learn the family business quick when their father is kidnapped and they take on the most diabolical creature in the universe." He was also married to Selma Blair for four years. That may not relate to this story, but he is was a lucky man.

Zappa's Monsterfoot Productions will produce with Overbrook Entertainment.

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Zappa child name: Moon Unit Zappa.
Source: Deadline



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