Al Pacino lends his mafia credibility to Travolta's Gotti film

Once upon a time, I'd have gotten excited with the news that Al Pacino would be joining Joe Pesci in a new mob movie. But then the last 10 years happened and I don't know that I can legitimately be excited about anything Al Pacino is up to.

I'm not exactly sure what happened to protecting the legacy but Pacino has signed to the upcoming independently produced John Gotti biopic with John Travolta, Pesci and Lindsay Lohan set to star. If you're not already suspect of this project, Travolta, who helped get the film off the ground, has filled the cast with family including wife Kelly Preston and daughter Ella Bleu, who's only previous screen credit was...alongside Travolta in OLD DOGS.

Nick Cassavetes was once set to direct before he abruptly left the project and was replaced by Barry Levinson. Again, there was once a time where I'd be thrilled to see Pacino and Levinson working together but that time is not now. With a resume that includes DINER, THE NATURAL and RAIN MAN, you can't argue that Levinson has made some great films but his last few years have included ENVY, MAN OF THE YEAR and WHAT JUST HAPPENED; three pretty awful movies.

It's possible that GOTTI will mark a career resurgence for all involved, including Lohan, but I'm not optimistic. The project is currently at Cannes looking for distribution but so far no deal has been struck.

Source: THR



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