Al Pacino makes Despicable Me 2 his first animated film

DESPICABLE ME grossed more than $543 million worldwide from a budget of $69 million, so a sequel was a given. What wasn't a given was Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment managing to convince Al Pacino to voice a character in an animated film for the first time in his life.

While it's his first animated film, I don't think it's a stretch to say he's played a cartoon many times over, so he should be great at this. (I kid, I kid...)

There's not much else to report besides that as details are scant, all that's known is that he'll be playing the foil to Gru, the lead character Steve Carrell will return to voice; so does that mean Pacino is actually a hero? Or perhaps he's just another villain competing with Carrell? In either case, I'm hoping they don't have too many references to his old films in it...

Extra Tidbit: "Say hello to my little friend!" is pretty much guaranteed to be uttered, isn't it?
Source: Deadline



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