Alamo Drafthouse brings in Danny McBride for an awesome Your Highness screening

We spend a lot of the time bitching about how movie theaters are generally getting shittier these days. Higher ticket prices due to bootleg IMAX and 3D, their inability to control idiots talking the whole time, there are clearly a lot of issues in the industry.

But once place still knows how to do things right, and makes moviegoing the fun experience it was meant to be. That would be the Alamo Drafthouse, famous for its screenings of a whole host of films, its most recent being YOUR HIGHNESS.

But this even wasn't just a mere sneak preview, rather Danny McBride, Justin Theroux and David Gordon Green were in attendance, and as you can see above, this sort of looks like the greatest screening of all time.

In addition to a Q&A with the trio, the crowd had access to a theme menu that included "Minatour Balls" and "Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale."

You can check out more pics from the event below, and if the Drafthouse ever puts on an event near you, clearly you might want to get yourself a ticket.

Extra Tidbit: Forget superheroes, this is easily one my most anticipated of the year.



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