Alan Tudyk plays Bruce Wayne's douchey cousin in NBC's Powerless

So Alan Tudyk's role in NBC's superhero-sitcom POWERLESS has just been revealed, and he's playing none-other-than Van Wayne, Bruce Wayne's never mentioned before cousin. Which...okay. I guess it'd make sense Bruce Wayne would have extended relatives. Still, this is not a great sign. It reeks of the time Lex Luthor had his nephew Lenny Luthor show up in SUPERMAN IV.

Anyway, here's a promo showing off more of Tudyk as Van Wayne, who is the boss at Wayne Security where main character Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens) works as Director of Research & Development:

Of course Tudyk is killing it and clearly having fun (though that "B Dubs" line is groan-worthy). But there are definitely a few good lines (I like the jokes about the "big picture" and the company motto), and I still love the concept. I have hope.

Either way, POWERLESS will premiere on NBC February 2nd, 2017 at 8 PM PT/ET.

Extra Tidbit: Will we find out about Bruce Wayne's aunt and uncle then? I wonder what they'll be like (and who'll they'll cast to play them).
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