Alec Baldwin joins Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages

Alec Baldwin has gone on record saying that he considers his film career a "failure." After watching PEARL HARBOR one might agree, but looking at his entire catalog, he's being a little bit hard on himself.

The actor is reportedly leaving 30 Rock once his contract expires this year, and has talked about running for political office, but before any of that, he's taking another stab at film in Adam Shankman's ROCK OF AGES.

Baldwin will play ex-rocker and current club owner Dennis Dupree, and joins Tom Cruise, Mary J. Blige and Julianna Hough in the film. The club is the Bourbon Room, and it's central to the plot of the film which has Sherrie (Hough) working there as a waitress while trying to make it big in Hollywood.

Shooting starts in May, and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing Baldwin in full '80s regalia. And vote Baldwin for Senate in '12.

Extra Tidbit: Will 30 Rock try to pull an Office and carry on without him?
Source: THR



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