Alec Baldwin & Salma Hayek hatch a repo scheme in Drunk Parents trailer

Ugh, bills, amiright? Just when you think that you've paid a creditor in full, along they come with their hidden fees, fine print, and demands for a blood sacrifice. Okay, so maybe that last part isn't true, but honestly, I'm not entirely sure that anything short of ritualistic killing will erase my looming student debt. Can I get an amen?

Anyway, the reason that I'm bringing up the concept of bill collection is because there's a new trailer for DRUNK PARENTS, an upcoming comedy that stars Alec Baldwin and Salma Hayek as two lower upper-class swindlers looking to survive a visit from the dreaded repo men. Directed and co-written by Fred Wolf (STRANGE WILDERNESS, THE HOUSE BUNNY), alongside writer Peter Gaulke, the film also stars Jim Gaffigan, Joe Manganiello, Ben Platt, and Michelle Veintimilla.

Here's the official synopsis for DRUNK PARENTS:

Meet Frank and Nancy Teagarten: The staunchly lower upper-class family with their shiny black Range Rover and tasteful Tudor style home.  They’re anxiously dropping off their daughter at her first day of college, and the two parents couldn’t be prouder. However, a visit by the repo man shortly after leaves them scrambling to make ends meet & their wealth, it seems, is less secure than we thought! Committed to getting their daughter through college, they hold a house-wide yard-sale coupled by a night of heavy drinking and wake up to some very regrettable decisions. This sees them try to hide their evaporating net worth from friends and family-alike in an ever-increasing downward spiral of elaborate neighborhood schemes.

Scheduled to arrive exclusively on DIRECTV beginning on March 21, 2019, DRUNK PARENTS will also see a theatrical release via Vertical Entertainment come April 19th.



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