Alec Baldwin signs on for more movies with both Woody Allen and Russell Brand

Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand 1

Alec Baldwin must have been having quite a ball on his last few shoots, because after working with both Woody Allen on TO ROME WITH LOVE and Russell Brand on ROCK OF AGES he's already decided to reteam with both of them.

First up will be Woody Allen's currently untitled project set in San Francisco (with a bit of New York), one that is gearing up to shoot this summer and possibly star Cate Blanchett, Bradley Cooper, and Sally Hawkins. All we know about this one is that it won't be straight comedy, though hopefully some new details will come to light around the time TO ROME WITH LOVE opens on June 22nd.

Alec Baldwin and Woody Allen

After that we'll be able to see Baldwin and Russell Brand join comedic forces once more for MAN THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE, an original concept that deals with "an overworked husband and father who thinks he has found the solution to all his problems by importing a super-nanny he is told is a true kid whisperer. Turns out the live-in maid is a man." While it would actually be kind of fun to reverse expectation, I think it's safe to assume that Baldwin is the husband while Brand is the maid. To be produced by New Line Entertainment, MAN THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE is currently questing for a director.

Here's my question: how do we convince Alec Baldwin to star in a really good over-the-hill assassin movie that requires him to shave his head? Because I would give so much to be able to spend an entire review talking about this "bald win" for Baldwin, and other variations on that same theme.  So much, I tell you!

Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand 2

Extra Tidbit: Then again, it might be a bit questionable/creepy for a live-in-nanny character to be as old as Baldwin is...
Source: Deadline



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