Alec Baldwin to handle the truth for NBC's live production of A Few Good Men

Alec Baldwin Jack Nicholson A Few Good Men

Over twenty years have passed since Jack Nicholson first bellowed at Tom Cruise in A FEW GOOD MEN, but now a new actor will be stepping into the role of Col. Nathan Jessup for NBC's upcoming live production of Aaron Sorkin's script. THR reports that Alec Baldwin will be taking on the role of Col. Jessup in the live adaptation of Sorkin's Broadway drama, but, does he have what he takes to handle the truth?

Aaron Sorkin will serve as an executive producer on the project, and praised Alec Baldwin as "one of our greatest actors." Sorkin added that having Baldwin "play this role — live onstage for a television audience — is a dream come true. This will be a brand-new take on Nathan Jessep, and I expect that Alec is going to bust through TV screens and right into living rooms." In a statement, Robert Greenblatt, Chairman of NBC Entertainment, said:

Alec Baldwin is the gift that keeps on giving at NBC, and we’re excited to have him starring in Aaron Sorkin’s towering work as we expand our live theater imprint beyond musicals. No stranger to live television, Alec is the most multi-faceted actor in the world and his range is incomparable. He will put his own inimitable stamp on the role of Col. Jessep in a play that is still as surprising and relevant as ever, from one of the most gifted writers working today.

NBC has staged several live-productions over the past few years, including adaptations of THE SOUND OF MUSIC, PETER PAN, THE WIZ, and HAIRSPRAY, and it seems that A FEW GOOD MEN will be their next effort. Aaron Sorkin will pen the adaptation and the production is expected to air in the second quarter of 2018. We can be sure to expect more official casting news before too long, but who do you see taking on the roles played by Tom Cruise and Demi Moore in the Rob Reiner film?

As for Alec Baldwin, he's certainly having a good month as he recently landed two Emmy nominations - Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series for Saturday Night Live and Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program for Match Game. Baldwin was recently seen as a man who loses his sight in a car crash in BLIND alongside A FEW GOOD MEN star Demi Moore. The film came under fire from disability advocates who argued that the casting of Alex Baldwin is "the latest example of treating disability as a costume" and that the production missed out on the opportunity to cast actors with disabilities.

Director Michael Mailer fired back, saying that such statements don't help advocate for the disabled and also in effect discredits "Academy Award-winning performances over decades by the likes of Daniel Day-Lewis in My Left Foot, Jamie Foxx in Ray, Jon Voight in Coming Home, Al Pacino in Scent Of A Woman, and Eddie Redmayne in The Theory Of Everything to name just a few." Mailer also brought up the unfortunate realities of financing an independent film. "In order to greenlight an independent film, one must attract a “name” actor for a fraction of a studio paycheck if there is to be any chance at getting the film financed," Mailer said. "And while I’m sure there are many talented, vision-impaired actors out there, I do not currently know of any who have the marquee appeal needed to get even a modestly budgeted film made. Such are the realities of film financing today."

Source: THR



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