Alfonso Cuarón will begin production on a new drama this fall

Good news, Alfonso Cuarón groupies, because the Oscar-winning director is coming back to the big screen after three long years. Will he be doing a massive space adventure, or a searing war drama with mind-boggling single-takes? No, he won’t be doing any of that.

According to Collider, the lauded director will actually be going back to his roots with a family drama set in 1970’s Mexico City. Cuarón will write and direct the movie which is set to begin production this fall, but that’s about all there is to know about the movie at this point. Still, isn’t that exciting?

This news will probably be more enticing for fans of the director’s early work, like Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN, which was the last straight-up drama the man directed before taking the blockbuster world by storm with HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN.  As mentioned before the film is set in Mexico City during the 70’s, where Cuarón spent his teenage years, so the film will most likely be a very personal endeavor for the filmmaker.

I have yet to see a less-than-stellar Cuarón movie. A LITTLE PRINCESS, POTTER, TAMBIEN, CHILDREN OF MEN and GRAVITY are all tremendous movies, each with their own unique characteristics that make them standouts in their genre.  The man is also an incredibly gifted writer, having penned the Oscar-nominated scripts for TAMBIEN and CHILDREN. Basically the man is great at everything, so whatever this new movie ends up being I’m sure it will be equally great.

Cuarón’s untitled drama begins production this fall, and we should anticipate a fall 2017 release.

Source: Collider



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