Alien: Covenant featurette focuses on Ridley Scott as "rare breed"

I've made my misgivings about PROMETHEUS and the look of its direct sequel ALIEN: COVENANT before already. But as a fan of the series, I don't want to hate an ALIEN movie, so it's been heartening to hear that the film is actually getting good reviews and seems to be a return to form. And that's what this next featurette - titled "Rare Breed" - is about: a return to form. Let's take a look:

I'll agree, it's undeniable that Ridley Scott is a great craftsmen, and has made some of the best genre films of the last forty (!) years. But he's also had a pretty spotty record recently, and whatever you thought of PROMETHEUS, it certainly wasn't met with unanimous praise. So it'll be interesting if this time he can actually capture the magic. Let's hope he does.

Meanwhile ALIEN: COVENANT will be stalking dark theaters May 19th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: So, once and for all: ALIEN or ALIENS?
Source: YouTube



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