Alison Brie brings the whimsy in the trailer for No Stranger Than Love

I'll forewarn you that if whimsical rom-coms aren't your bag (baby), then NO STRANGER THAN LOVE probably isn't for you! For those of you who can handle the fairy tale nature of the following, then I give you the lovely Alison Brie in a story that has her find true love, only to lose it in a hole. And I do mean a literal hole. Check it out!

The trailer does a decent job of painting the eccentric picture that is this story, but it's tough to tell if this film will end up too saccharine or just fall flat. Still, you can do a lot worse than casting Brie as your leading lady. Colin Hanks is usually fun to watch on-screen, and Justin Chatwin needs to get his ass back on Shameless. That aside, I'm not saying this flick is a full-course meal or anything, but it has a shot at being a nice, little slice of cinematic dessert. Or, ya know, at least an Oreo or something.

NO STRANGER THAN LOVE will open in theaters on June 17, 2015.

Source: Orion Pictures



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