All I Want for Christmas is You starring Mariah Carey releases new clips

...what? Look, I'm not going to mince too many words, this looks wretched. The animation looks like it was filmed in the Mii-verse, and the stakes so low, superficial, and cliche, I'm surprised there isn't an evil land developer plotline for no reason. And the character models? While the dad looks like the dad from THE BRAK SHOW, the little girl version of Maria looks like a BRATZ doll in training, only with no soul.

Oh yeah, and it stars GLITTER's Mariah Carey as "Mariah". The film itself is supposedly based on the titular song "All I Want for Christmas is You" (which I doubt was about a dog). Anyway, here's the official synopsis:

The film centers on young Mariah, a little girl who dreams of getting a dog for Christmas after seeing a puppy named Princess at the local pet store. To see if she's ready for the responsibility, Mariah is tasked with dog-sitting her uncle's crazy canine Jack, who upends the family's holiday preparations with his various shenanigans.

Meanwhile, ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU is available now on DVD/Blu-Ray and digital download...if you're so inclined. Or you want a gag gift in your stocking stuffers.

Extra Tidbit: You know, after all my ragging on the film, the song its based on isn't too bad.
Source: YouTube



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