All new footage in three character trailers for X-Men: First Class

It's standard practice for superhero films to have character posters, but with FIRST CLASS's recent photoshop disasters in that department, I think it's good they're sticking with character trailers instead.

Via MTV we have three new character spots for Banshee, Havoc and Beast. Each is about a minute long, giving the actors the screen time they haven't had in any of the trailers so far.

My expectations for this movie have been wildly up and down, and I have to say this is another dip, as some of this dialogue just seems...bad. Feel free to disagree, as I'm sure you will, but listen to the first line of Banshee's spot and tell me you didn't go "uhhh..." I'm also not sure about Havoc's hula hoop plasma, though I do like Hoult as Beast. But Mystique's going to go for him over bad boy hottie Havoc? Bitch please.

Check out the trailers below:

Extra Tidbit: I think James McAvoy is going a bit TOO zen for his soothing Professor X voice.
Source: MTV



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