All the Money in the World reshoots could cost over $10 million

Soon after allegations of sexual assault against Kevin Spacey came to light it was announced in a shocking piece of news that director Ridley Scott would be reshooting the actor’s scenes, replacing him with Christopher Plummer. all while keeping the December 22 release. This is a ton of work to do with only a little over a month left before the film’s release, and if estimates are to be believed it’s going to cost the studio a big piece of change.

Variety recently put out a report that estimates that between reshoots, sending out new posters and standees, and more post-production it could cost Imperative Entertainment north of $10 million. Production is set to take between eight to 10 days, and the price tag also includes Plummer’s fee, and to bring back actors Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams. Normally the latter two would have had a few weeks’ worth of reshoots factored into their fee, but chances are they already used that time for regular reshoots, and will be instead paid their individual weekly prorated amounts.

The report mentions that the studio and Scott are not exploring a heavy amount of digital work, which could’ve included having Plummer do his scenes on green screen and then adding him into finished scenes in place of Spacey. This is difficult work on many levels, and considering Spacey only worked with a select bunch of actors or in solo scenes, Scott and the crew felt it would be easier to redo the scenes entirely. 

Pundits in the industry figured Spacey would be replaced, as opposed to the whole movie being scrapped, but what shocked people was the keeping of the December 22 release. The movie centers on the kidnapping of J. Paul Getty’s grandson and word is the move was made to get the movie out ahead of the FX show from Danny Boyle, TRUST, which also focuses on the same story. Even getting the movie done in time to qualify for awards could be a problem, as most awards screeners usually need to be sent out by now. However, the studio is confident the movie can be done by December 15 and will be shown to voters then.

ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD sans Spacey is set for December 22.

Source: Variety



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