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It’s hard to believe ALPHA DOG is finally being released but, after all that delay, it ultimately snagged a date in the coveted mid-January slot (the 12th to be exact). Much like Universal has hooked the film up with such clutch timing, so to have they went live with the movie’s official website. Head there for all the usual goodies: photos, cast and crew information, downloads including skins for your MySpace page, and video clips that somehow can be viewed particular characters’ experience paths. Plus the site sports some rather chill music that’s currently putting me at ease. I feel like I might doze off any se…

Ok, I’m awake. Because we also wanted to tell you about another site before it gets too late. ultimaterockyfan.com provides you with the opportunity to participate in a contest to make the best Rocky fansite ever to grace the web. When designing your site, you must use the assets provided by UltimateRockyFan so make your way over there to download those, check out rest of the rules and guidelines, and size up the competition by taking a look at the existing four entries. In case you missed them the first time, I’ll give you directions again: turn left, turn left, turn left, turn left, go HERE. The contest actually began on December 15th but you have until January 5th to submit an entry. ROCKY BOLBOA, of course, is now playing in theaters.

Extra Tidbit: The psychotic criminal character that ALPHA DOG co-star Ben Foster played in the 2005 Bruce Willis-starring HOSTAGE was originally written as a 400-pound man in the novel on which the film is based.



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