Amazon lands movie detailing Linda Tripp & Monica Lewinsky's relationship

Linda and Monica Amazon

It's almost...quaint looking back on the Monica Lewinsky scandal of almost twenty years ago given the present-day horrors which we have to deal with. Who knew that a few blowjobs and some lies could have spiraled into something involving a grand jury and impeachment. It all began when Monica Lewinsky started working at the White House, when soon led to a sexual relationship with President Bill Clinton. Lewinsky's close friend Linda Tripp, who she confided in, secretly recorded their conversations and then leaked the tapes which nearly destroyed the Clinton presidency.

Per Deadline, Amazon Studios has snagged the rights to LINDA AND MONICA, the Black List script by Flint Wainess which will follow the crazy, true story of "the budding friendship between D.C. pals Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky that imploded when it led to the revelation of the scandalous relationship between the White House intern and President Bill Clinton." First O.J. Simpson and now Monica Lewinsky, is it the 90's again? This is actually the second Monica Lewinsky project which is in the works, as Ryan Murphy has optioned Jeffrey Toobin's book "A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President" for a future season of American Crime Story.

Political scandals with a helping of sex and a side of lies? I'll just take House of Cards thank you.

Source: Deadline



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