Jason Blum's Blumhouse Productions have been behind some of the most successful horror/thrillers of the past few years, including GET OUT, SPLIT, and HALLOWEEN, so it's no surprise that others would like to tap into Blum's low-budget successes. Amazon Studios announced today that they have cut a deal with Blumhouse Television for eight feature-length thrillers which will run on the streaming service.

The eight films are said to be envisioned as "elevated" thrillers or stories with dark themes, and it's the intention of Amazon/Blumhouse that the projects will come from filmmakers of diverse backgrounds. "Jason Blum has built an empire based on fear, shock and all things spine-tingling," said Amazon Studios chief Jennifer Salke while announcing the deal. "He has redefined the horror genre for fans who are hungry for high concept scares. Whether it’s found footage, a socially conscious terror comedy or a pure sinister adrenaline ride, he reinvented and infused the genre with cultural relevancy. We can’t wait to see the nightmares he brings direct to service for our Prime Video global audience." Amazon noted that this deal with Blumhouse marks their first broad pact for feature-length productions which will be exclusive to the Amazon Prime Video streaming service. In a statement of his own, Jason Blum added:

We are delighted Amazon is entrusting Blumhouse to deliver its signature thrills and chills to its global audience through this deal. This is a great opportunity for Blumhouse Television to empower underrepresented filmmakers offering a fresh take on the dark genres loved by fans the world over.

Blumhouse Productions has several projects just over the horizon which are likely to add to the company's success, including M. Night Shyamalan's GLASS on January 18, 2019, Christopher Landon's HAPPY DEATH DAY 4U on February 14, 2019, and Jordon Peele's US on March 15, 2019.