Amazon to offer Prime Instant Video only subscriptions

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Netflix has branded itself as the top dog in content streaming since its inception, but services like Hulu and Amazon have been coming on strong the last couple of years as they've come to offer their own strong crop of content to viewers who prefer to watch movies and series on timelines convenient to them. While Netflix still maintains its lead on its competitors, Amazon has announced a new setup that might have audiences willing to give them a second look.

Amazon Prime will be offering up a video only subscription option for anyone who would rather pass on that free two-day shipping that usually came bundled together with their Instant Video. Previously you had to commit for an entire year for $99, but now you'll have the choice of getting standalone for 9 bucks a month. Granted, when you add up an entire 12 months, it'll cost you more than a yearly subscription, but, it gives you a bit more flexibility, I guess, if you only want Amazon Prime Instant Video at certain times of the year or when certain Amazon exclusive series or movies pop up. Plus, you don't have to front 100 bucks right off the bat, which may have been a sticking point for some in the past. 

Netflix is set to raise their subscription prices this May to $9.99 a month, so Amazon is trying to undercut that deal with something a bit cheaper for those that don't want to spring for the extra dollar. But there is the fact that Amazon does have a solid batch of content for you to check out, including their series THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, TRANSPARENT, MOZART IN THE JUNGLE and CATASTROPHE... so if you haven't sprung for Amazon Prime yet, this might be the price point that lures you in.


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