Amber Heard shows off her fighting skills for Aquaman in training video

As we all know Aquaman (Jason Momoa) will be teaming up with the Justice League this fall on land to kick the asses of all those Parademons we keep seeing that are like giant moths but slightly less annoying than normal ones. But after that he’ll be getting his own flick next year, and he’ll be sharing the ass kicking with none other than Mera played by Amber Heard, who just showed off in an Instagram video how formidable she will be.


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Heard has been showing off videos of her training before, and though this one is short like those it demonstrates best yet how they’re training her to dole out some underwater beatings. Our boys Paul Shirey and Sean Wist saw some AQUAMAN goodies at CinemaCon last week and talked about a massive underwater battle with people riding sharks and all other manner of creatures. Chances are Heard’s Mera would be showing off some skills there, and perhaps alongside Aquaman against Black Manta.

Aquaman has been the butt of some of the comic book world’s most brutal and demoralizing takedowns like, “What’s he gonna do? Throw a tuna at me?” and, “If there’s ever a crime at the surfing competition I’ll let him know.” But as proven in the new JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer he will be a gnarly, adrenaline-crazed badass, so it’s befitting his companions under the sea are as well, and Heard looks ready to fill that role. Sure beats a talking crab.

AQUAMAN arrives October 12, 2018 and JUSTICE LEAGUE will proceed it on November 17.

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