AMC envisions no limit for how long The Walking Dead could stay on the air

While AMC is losing BREAKING BAD this summer and MAD MEN possibly after next season, it would seem natural to discuss the potential end date for THE WALKING DEAD. But, the funny thing is, AMC CEO Josh Sapan sees no reason why THE WALKING DEAD couldn't air for five, ten, even twenty more seasons.

The Hollywood Reporter quotes Sapan at the Barclays Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference as he discussed the future of cable programming in light of the success with original series on Netflix such as HOUSE OF CARDS and the upcoming premiere of the fourth season of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.

“We hope that zombies live forever and we’ve just begun to find out what the post-apocalyptic world is like,” said Sapan, “so that we’ll be sitting here at the Barclays conference in 2022 discussing the fact that Walking Dead is not over … at that point, I think any one of the companies will have replaced the United States government and we’ll be in a complete free enterprise world in which there are no nations.”

THE WALKING DEAD is a large ensemble cast, much like LOST. But, when LOST tried to introduce new characters it felt forced since there were a limited number of survivors on the island. When those from off island arrived, they joined the cast more naturally. With THE WALKING DEAD, we have spent the vast majority of the series in one small area in Georgia. There is an entire country that could be explored. And, as time goes on, characters can be killed off and replaced with new ones as the story progresses. THE WALKING DEAD has been doing this successfully as a comic for over 100 issues with only a small core group still alive from issue #1.

While 20 seasons of THE WALKING DEAD may be a stretch, I don't see any reason to doubt that this show could carry on with a rotating cast for a long time. Do you disagree?



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