AMC reveals a trailer for new crime series Low Winter Sun starring Mark Strong

AMC has a spotless track record when it comes to scripted series. From MAD MEN to BREAKING BAD to THE WALKING DEAD and even THE KILLING, HELL ON WHEELS, and RUBICON, the network has proven they want to provide the highest quality when it comes to dramatic television. With BREAKING BAD wrapping up this summer, what will the network bring us to satiate our hunger for a quality show?

This new trailer for the series LOW WINTER SUN is an excellent sign of things to come. The series is based on a British mini-series that starred Mark Strong. AMC couldn't find anyone better for the role, so Strong reprises his role, this time updated to an American setting. Also starring the great Lennie James, LOW WINTER SUN is not your average cop show. Instead, it seems to draw more from the FX series THE SHIELD in giving us a look at the seedier side of law enforcement.

Here's a synopsis:

The Endemol/AMC Studios production stars Mark Strong and Lennie James and begins with the murder of a Detroit cop by a fellow detective. Unlike the network’s hit The Walking Dead, the guy doesn’t come back to life, and the seemingly perfect crime activates forces that will forever alter the detective’s life, pulling him into the heart of the Detroit underworld.

Getting an entire series starring Mark Strong is awesome in itself. Showrunner Chris Mundy has worked previously on formulaic shows like COLD CASE and CRIMINAL MINDS, but this looks to be a lot darker. We need a new ant-hero to take the place of Walter White. Hopefully this will be it.

LOW WINTER SUN premieres this summer on AMC.

Source: Deadline



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