AMC's Preacher unleashes new promo, showing off more of the Saint of Killers

Like I've said before, I really enjoyed what Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg did with their AMC adaptation of Garth Ennis' seminal graphic novel THE PREACHER. It's a bonkers tale of a West Texas preacher who gets the power of God, and goes on a quest with his hitman girlfriend and vampire best friend to beat the shit out of God. It was always going to be hard to adapt, and I appreciated a more unique take on the tale from Rogen/Goldberg. Honestly, while I love the graphic novel, it is definitely shaggy and has some pretty problematic elements to it.

One part of the adaptation I've been iffy on, however, was their depiction of The Saint of Killers. I liked his look on the TV show, and the eventual slaughter of the saloon was pretty solid. I'm just not sure I feel him getting beat up by regular town folk (especially if he's supposed to be as badass as legend says). It also seems weird that Hell would allow him to relive his epic revenge and not just wallow in his tragedy.

However, it seems the second season might correct that, according to this promo titled "Beast". Let's take a look:

Yeah, he looks pretty cool. And the idea of him being a constant threat in this new season could be exciting. Hopefully they don't botch it, but I've enjoyed what I've seen so far. The tone's a bit goofier than the graphic novel, but that could also be marketing (the first season of the show got dark when it needed to, so I imagine this season will too). And it's not like the graphic novel wasn't ridiculous - I mean, there's a character named Arseface, the descendents of Jesus are incestual invalids, and the villain ends up looking like a literal dickhead by the end. So maybe it's goofier than I remember...

Either way, PREACHER season 2 will air on AMC June 25th.

Extra Tidbit: Another thing I'll miss is - with a TV budget - I'll doubt we'll have the Saint of Killers encountering the military in the desert and blowing up tanks with his guns.
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