American chosen to write James Bond's next literary adventure

Yes, BOND 23 is currently stuck in the seventh circle of development hell for an indefinite period of time, but here's a bit of interesting news regarding the franchise. Ian Fleming Publications has anointed American author Jeffrey Deaver. I’m considering this movie news because in this day and age it’s probable that a film will eventually get made out of this book.

If you’re not familiar with Deaver, the man has sold 20 million books worldwide, and his most famous one might be THE BONE COLLECTOR which was made into the Denzel/Jolie movie of 1999.

The book has no title as of yet, and will be published NEXT May on Fleming’s birthday. Yes, it’s true there have been other non-Fleming authors writing Bond books for decades, but I just have a hunch that whatever this one ends up being will end up making it to the big screen between the iconic character and the famous author.

Personally, I'd be fine with the film franchise moving on from it's current chronically confusing plot arc, and going back to the days of standalone adventures. But it would likely be a while before we ever saw anything like that happen at this rate. 

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Source: Deadline



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