American Pie's cast reunites for first Reunion promo shots

I'll admit I'm not terribly excited about the prospect of a fourth (eighth?) AMERICAN PIE movie, even if the original cast is finally returning to the series, but even I have to admit I got quite a flash of nostalgia when I saw the above image of the cast coming together once again.

It's pretty much all the key players from the films, though I see Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth) isn't a part of the core group. I would say half the majority of the cast looks pretty damn close to how they did a decade ago and wow, props to the makeup artists and photoshoppers who got Tara Reid looking remotely like her old self.

This image is part of a "photo booth" set meant to be a promo for the upcoming film, and there's a short video showing the case in various "zany" poses below if you're really curious. I don't know, it could be fun if this turned out to be good, but I won't hold my breath for that to come to pass. The first trailer will reveal how well this sort of comedy has aged.

Extra Tidbit: I would like a promo shot of Katrina Bowden please.
Source: Universal



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