Amy Adams being courted for Rock of Ages

I am imagine this isn't the crowd to get excited about the ROCK OF AGES movie, but I presume there are a few Amy Adams fans out there who will appreciate these pretty pictures.

ROCK OF AGES has Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin onboard, and now Amy Adams is being courted by director Adam Shankman for a role in the film. She would play a journalist seduced by Cruise's rock star Stacee Jaxx, and it's a role that was initially offered to Anne Hathaway before she got all busy with that role the involves whips, claws and tight leather. Here's what the part entails:

She would play an uptight journalist who intends to eviscerate Stacee Jax with an expose. A seduction ensues instead, and after they duet to the Foreigner song I Want To Know What Love Is, nature takes its course.

Adams is a two time Oscar nominee now (should have been three for ENCHANTED), and I expect she'll be a winner if she keeps picking parts like she has been. Do you think ROCK OF AGES is the right move for her? She's also still trying to star as Janis Joplin in a film that never seems to get off the ground. Presumably she's fighting Jenna Maroney for the rights (30 Rock anyone?).

Extra Tidbit: Unlike Emma Stone and Christina Hendricks, Adams is a natural redhead.
Source: Deadline



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