Amy Adams has read the Batman vs Superman script and will begin filming soon

Amy Adams is one hell of an actress and has already amassed quite the 2013 with roles in MAN OF STEEL, HER, and AMERICAN HUSTLE. There is no doubt that every movie she appears in is better for having her, including MAN OF STEEL. After getting the personality vacuum that was Kate Bosworth in SUPERMAN RETURNS it was nice to get a strong actress to give us a more contemporary take on the gutsy reporter.

With BATMAN VS SUPERMAN amping up to film this year and ARGO screenwriter Chris Terrio coming in to punch up David Goyer's script, the question we have been wondering is how close are Zack Snyder and crew to getting underway? Apparently very close. In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Amy Adams revealed that she just recently received the completed script and has read it. She also said filming will begin "very soon". With Gal Gadot being cast and new rumors of Lex Luthor and a second villain being selected, it stands to reason that we will begin seeing some images from the film in production sooner rather than later.

While we have come to call this movie BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, sources continue to say this is truly a sequel to MAN OF STEEL rather than a pairing of the two heroes. How much time Batman, Wonder Woman, and other heroes get in the movie will likely be smaller than we all think. But, with so many new faces, will Amy Adams' Lois get ample time with Supes?

BATMAN VS SUPERMAN hits theaters on July 17, 2015.

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