Amy Adams reunites with David O. Russell for what once was American Bullshit

Yesterday, I reported that Jeremy Renner was signing on to join Bradley Cooper in David O. Russell's next film, formerly titled, AMERICAN BULLSHIT.

Now Amy Adams is signing on to star as well. Too bad, we could've had a partial reunion with THE FIGHTER cast minus Mark Wahlberg. Although, Wahlberg was in Russell's I HEART HUCKABEES. Bale was in, but Renner is replacing him. The film is a true story of, "a notorious financial con artist and his mistress who were forced to work with an intense and ambitious FBI agent to turn the tables on other con artists, mobsters and politicians." Adams will play the mistress, Maxine "Max" Gardner.

Renner's role is that of, "Jimmy Boyle, the FBI agent who busts Weinberg and then partners with him in the sting." Cooper will play, "con artist, Mel Weinberg, who worked with the FBI as the star witness in its far-reaching Abscam corruption case that stretched from Atlantic City all the way to the steps of Congress." Eric Singer (THE INTERNATIONAL) wrote the script.

Maybe Adams will get a nomination for her performance in this role. Russell seems to bring out the best in her.

Extra Tidbit: Remember when Adams was in CRUEL INTENTIONS 2? Well, I do.
Source: THR



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