Amy Adams takes the lead in Steve Martin's An Object of Beauty

Steve Martin is a mega talented guy. In addition to being an excellent actor and comedian, he's also a writer. If you remember, 2005s SHOPGIRL was adapted from his own novella. I never actually saw the film in its entirety aside from catching a few minutes of it here and there.

So will another adaptation of one of Martin's books be a good thing? I'll let you decide.

Amy Adams is set to produce and star in Martin's AN OBJECT OF BEAUTY. In the film, the actress will play, "an art entrepreneur over 15 years of her life, as she acquires her own gallery, travels the world and tangles romantically with a series of men, including one who becomes a famous artist."

For more info on the book, I've lifted this description with an injection of opinion from Publisher's Weekly, "Martin compresses the wild and crazy end of the millennium and finds in this piercing novel a sardonic morality tale. Lacey Yeager is an ambitious young art dealer who uses everything at her disposal to advance in the world of the high-end art trade in New York City. After cutting her teeth at Sotheby's, she manipulates her way up through Barton Talley's gallery of "Very Expensive Paintings," sleeping with patrons, and dodging and indulging in questionable deals, possible felonies, and general skeeviness until she opens her own gallery in Chelsea. Narrated by Lacey's journalist friend, Daniel Franks, whose droll voice is a remarkable stand-in for Martin's own, the world is ordered and knowable, blindly barreling onward until 9/11. And while Lacey and the art she peddles survive, the wealth and prestige garnered by greed do not. Martin (an art collector himself) is an astute miniaturist as he exposes the sound and fury of the rarified Manhattan art world. If Shopgirl was about the absence of purpose, this book is about the absence of a moral compass, not just in the life of an adventuress but for an entire era."

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