An adaption of the comic Too Cool To Be Forgotten hopes to be exactly that

SecondTooCoolToBeForgottenCoverToo Cool To Be Forgotten, winner at the 2009 Harvey Awards (an award ceremony for comics voted on by people in the industry) for Best Original Graphic Album (aka novel), has been optioned by production companies Likely Story and Red Crown Productions.  Two gentlemen named Jeremy Sosenko and Rocky Russo have been tapped to adapt, despite this only being their second official gig. To be fair though, their first is on track to release in April.  It's called MOVIE 43, and is made up short comedy segments staring such actors as Emma Stone, Gerard Butler, Justin Long, Naomi Watts, and Kieren Culkin.

The synopsis of the comic according to Amazon: "Andy Wicks is a forty-something father of two who's tried everything to quit smoking -- from going cold turkey, to the latest patches and nicotine chewing gums -- so he figures he'll give this hypnosis thing a try. What's the worst that could happen? Unfortunately, Andy gets dealt a fate worse than death: high school! Transported back to 1985, Andy returns to his formative years as a gangly, awkward teenager. Is he doomed to relive the mistakes of his past, or has he been given a second chance to get things right? One thing's for sure -- this time he's going to ask out that girl from math class..."

Considering the award won by the comic I remain slightly interested, though the second-chance-time-travel genre seems nearly as done to death as zombies and vampires.  Or maybe it's just plagued, like those two story subjects, by bad movies that bring the good ones down.  Either way, I guess we'll see how things shake out for this story soon enough.

Extra Tidbit: Past winners in the same category include Asterios Polyp, Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together, Pride Of Baghdad, and Tricked (also by Alex Robinson).
Source: Variety



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