An Imax poster for John Carter and a goofy marketing campaign

I don't mean to be down on JOHN CARTER, but it's hard not to feel like this film is going to bomb, hard. The marketing department doesn't seem to know what they have, which is why they're releasing bizarre posters like this Imax one (which just debuted on Fandango), that don't exactly do anything to sell the film to anyone who hasn't read the books. Not that the footage has been convincing that they have anything to sell in the first place, of course.

Disney has also announced a silly campaign to find the real John Carter. That's right, if your real name is John Carter (or some variation thereof) you can win a trip to... Peru? Because it's just like Mars...? Any eligable entrant will be invited to a special advanced screening of the film just for those John Carters out there.


They really have no idea what to do with this, do they?

JOHN CARTER opens next month. 

Source: Fandango



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