Tom Cruise is the chosen one in new Mummy trailer

THE MUMMY hopes to be much more than a Tom Cruise summer action flick. Off of this a whole new slate of big-budget monster movies will be headed our way, so it’s gotta bring it. If it succeeds, we will see a bunch more classic ghoulies and disgusting creatures finding their way to the big screen. The new trailer just dropped, and with it comes tons of new footage of Cruise, Sofia Boutella’s vengeful Ahmanet.

Though I can see where there will be creepy moments, THE MUMMY is clearly in full-on action adventure mode. With this trailer we're getting a better sense of who Cruise's character is and what he has to do with the story, other than looking like the movie's Nathan Drake. From the looks of it the filmmakers wanted to make use of Boutella's athleticism, climbing up those chains like she was born to. Of course all of that is awesome, but I'm still on the fence about this one, and I think I will be until I see it. But at least we know Cruise is to rats what Indy was to snakes.

THE MUMMY returns on June 9 with Cruise, Boutella, Annabelle Wallis and Russell Crowe.

Source: Universal



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