And now Cherry 2000 might get a remake

With so many of the well-known movies and properties getting rebooted on the big screen, it must be time to sift through the VHS stacks looking for something else to remake.

How else do you explain the possibility of an update to CHERRY 2000, the 1987 back-rack sci-fi flick? Veteran producer Ed Pressman (who's also currently in the process of remaking his own THE CROW) is reportedly thinking about a redo of the post-apocalyptic cult fave.

The original featured Melanie Griffith as a tracker hired by a businessman to venture into the wasteland and locate a replacement model for his sexy android. This involves swinging a Mustang on a crane and getting shot at by perennial B-movie guy Tim Thomerson. (As I remember it...)

Griffith has apparently suggested her own daughter Dakota Johnson for the lead this time -- you might know her as the girl from THE SOCIAL NETWORK who's surprised she slept with Sean Parker/Justin Timberlake. Yeah, the one with the remarkable ass. Thumbs up!

Pressman (who produced the original) is currently considering ideas and directors.

Extra Tidbit: I certainly don't remember Griffith being that jacked in the original movie...
Source: Showbiz 411



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