And the final confirmed run time for The Dark Knight Rises is...

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Now while this isn't new news per se, as it was confirmed back on June 4th that AMC had listed THE DARK KNIGHT RISES as clocking in at 2 hours and 45 minutes, extra sources of confirmation are always encouraging when you really (really) want something to be true.  And I really (really) wanted this something to be true, because when I sit in that theater and the lights go down, I know I'm not going to want it to end.  Which brings me to The British Board of Film Classification, which has listed THE DARK KNIGHT RISES with a final run time of 164 minutes and 27 seconds. 

By way of comparison, BATMAN BEGINS was approximately 140 minutes and THE DARK KNIGHT approximately 152 minutes.  So now you know what you're getting in to, and while I'm sure that it will be a draining experience to endure 164 minutes of Nolan/Batman grimness... well I'm also sure that I will slowly rise up out of my seat when it's all over, worse for wear but with a wide grin on my face. In fact, I probably won't be drinking anything that day.  Don't want any dumb reason like bodily functions distracting me, right? Right. 

In other news, I may have come down with Batman fever...

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Extra Tidbit: What would the Nolan/Batman equivalent of "more cowbell" be? More Batarang? More Sonic Bat Summoning Device?
Source: BBFC



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