Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man will craft his own web shooters

One piece of Sam Raimi's original Spider-Man trilogy that comic geeks took issue with was his decision to make web shooting an organic part of Peter Parker's spider powers. It did seem like that would allow him to gloss over ten minutes worth of exposition showing Parker making web shooters and solution in a home lab, but it wasn't exactly canon either.

Marc Webb appears to be going back to the character's roots in his version, as it's been confirmed that Andrew Garfield's Parker will in fact be using mechanical web shooters and web solution that has been known on many occasions to run dry when he needs it the most, creating new scenarios of possible peril.

Fans first began to suspect this was the case when close inspection of the first Spidey photo revealed hints of metal near his wrists on close inspection. But at the Golden Globes, Gwen Stacy herself (Emma Stone) confirmed that the web shooters would be mechanical, telling an MTV interviewer that yes, "it's a device."

Not a big deal either way, but interesting to see that change in the upcoming film. Makes you wonder how else this new Spider-universe might differ from what we've seen previously.

Extra Tidbit: Just not sure why if he gets the strength and climbing abilities, why gaining web spinning powers organically is sacrilegious.
Source: MTV



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