Andrew Lau and Martin Scorsese collaborating for Revenge of the Green Dragons


One of the reasons I love and absorb movie knowledge is seeing the reaction people have about the bits of trivia I tell them. Not everyone knows that Will Smith turned down the part of Neo for THE MATRIX or Michael Mann had originally wanted Adam Sandler to play the cabbie in COLLATERAL. But there's nothing funnier than when you tell the average dude from Boston that THE DEPARTED is an adaptation of the Chinese film INFERNAL AFFAIRS. Especially if you're talking to the creator of the Jack Chop.

THR has news that Andrew Lau (the director of Chinese version) will be directing the gangster film REVENGE OF THE GREEN DRAGONS with Martin Scorsese executive producing. Inspired by an article from The New Yorker, the film "revolves around two immigrants fighting their way up the Green Dragons gang, and then their struggle to confront their former associates after one of them is cast beyond the pale for his trysts with his clan chieftain." The script about the American-Chinese underworld in New York comes from Michael Di Jiacomo and shooting is planned to start in April.

It's almost too bad THE DEPARTED is as great as it is because it has almost completely overshadowed how equally fantastic INFERNAL AFFAIRS is. Not enough average film goers give the film the respect it deserves. With Scorsese as his wing man though, I think REVENGE OF THE GREEN DRAGONS and Andrew Lau are going to attract a lot of attention and hopefully more people will look for the original. With filming set to start so soon we should be getting news on the cast very shortly.

Extra Tidbit: I know it isn't one of the classic Scorsese films, but BRINGING OUT THE DEAD may be my favorite. "Oh, I see. With all the poor people of this city who wanted only to live and were viciously murdered, you have the nerve to sit here, wanting to die, and not go through with it? You make me sick!"



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