Andrew Stanton gives an update on John Carter of Mars

We've sadly got over a year until Disney's JOHN CARTER OF MARS hits theaters in March of 2012. Andrew Stanton (WALL-E) is making his live-action directorial debut on the film and spoke out on the long process of filming the ambitious adaptation of Edgar Rice Burrough's novels.

Stanton admits that he's only "halfway through the movie" and that digital principal photography will run through 2011. So what can we expect next March when the film finally arrives? "I didn't try to make it look like anything else. I really tried to make it its own thing. I tried to make a very historically accurate Martian film if that makes sense." Well...sorta.

I was hoping we might get a first look at an image from the film or stars Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins sometime soon but it looks like we might have a ways before we see any imagery from the film. Check out the full interview below to hear more from Stanton.

Extra Tidbit: Though it won't be released with the Pixar tag, there's lots of Pixar work being done on JOHN CARTER.
Source: MTV



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