Andy Muschietti confirms extended It version is still on the way

With the horror smash IT now out on digital release, and the Blu-ray release only a few weeks away, many are upset that the reported extended cut of the movie is not included in the initial release. Although the theatrical cut of the movie is all we’re getting with this home video release, director Andres Muschietti has confirmed an extended cut is still very much on the way.

When asked by Bloody Disgusting about whether the director’s cut – which was confirmed some months ago – was still in the cards, the director answered with, “Yes, but in a few months.” That was all the info given, but we take this as assurance that although the regular cut is currently available, the extended director's cut will probably hit Blu-ray before or around summer.

As of right now, the current Blu-ray release will contain eleven deleted and extended scenes, which could potentially include the reported alternate opening featuring Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) eating a baby. We don’t know if the extended cut would just be the theatrical cut with the deleted scenes spliced in, or if it would include entirely different content not seen on the Blu-ray. Warner Bros. has famously released extended cuts of massive movies before, most recently BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN and SUICIDE SQUAD. 

As of right now, I’m torn as to whether I should buy the upcoming Blu-ray, or wait for this supposed extended cut. If the extended cut is just the deleted scenes on this Blu-ray added back into the actual film then I may as well wait to see them fresh on the extended version. But who is to say that will make the movie better? Some extended cuts are just longer and unnecessary, and I hope that’s not the case with IT. There is a lot in the book the movie didn’t cover, so if the extended cut takes care of some of that we could have a definitive version on our hands. 

IT is on Digitial now and hits Blu-ray January 9, 2018.



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