Andy Serkis brings back Gollum by signing on for The Hobbit

UPDATE: Entertainment Weekly has confirmed the return of Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis. Gollum and Gandalf are back bitches!

Friday night news came that Elijah Wood would reprise his role as Frodo for THE HOBBIT. People were like, "Did I miss that in the book somewhere?"

Now for book related casting news, Deadline reports that Andy Serkis has signed on to reprise the role of Gollum. At one point in the book, Bilbo wonders into Gollum's lair and finds the Ring of Power. This is during a journey with Gandalf and Thorin Oakenshield who has 13 dwarves accompanying him. Basically Serkis' part will be semi-quick and dirty.

It's also rumored that other LOTR characters will come back for THE HOBBIT. Deadline's sources say that Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee and Ian Holm could possibly return. McKellen is still working out a deal but as long as he's still working on it that's all that matters. Holm would obviously come back as the older Bilbo. As for an answer on whether or not Orlando Bloom will reprise his role as Legolas that still remains unclear at this point.

There's no official confirmation on Serkis closing the deal, but when Deadline broke the news that Wood would be coming back a confirmation soon followed.

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Source: Deadline



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