Ang Lee wants to be the one to direct Angelina Jolie in Cleopatra

LIFE OF PI could have easily been a disaster. After M. Night Shyamalan, Alfonso Cuarón and Jean-Pierre Jeunet left the project, it was finally director Ang Lee who decide that he would take the material into his own hands. What we were left with was an amazing story that was also visually stunning. But can he do the same with CLEOPATRA?

Since David Fincher left the project, it could possibly be something worth while with Angelina Jolie still attached in the lead. All it needs is the right person at the helm. Along with Fincher, Paul Greengrass and James Cameron had also previously be interested in the material.

Lee expressed his interest to THR during the Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala, "I'm about to read the script. It just feels right to me after all the other types of films I've done. What does it have in common with any of them? They’re all totally different! That’s what makes this perfect.”

The original source material comes from Stacy Schiff's best-selling book, Cleopatra: A Life. However, do not expect the Elizabeth Taylor version of this story: "The major change in this iteration of the Egyptian pharaoh's tale is that it will come from the feminine perspective, portraying Cleopatra as a master strategist rather than a outright seductress." There's gotta be a little sexy in there somewhere.

Do you think Lee would be the right man for the job?

Source: THR



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