Angela Bassett to direct a TV movie about the life of Whitney Houston

Like every celebrity death, Whitney Houston's was hailed as a tragedy. Always in the media spotlight, the singer and actress dealt with quite a bit in her final years including dealing with drug addiction, spousal abuse, and more. Now, just a couple of years after her death, Lifetime is planning a TV movie based on her life. The film, titled WHITNEY HOUSTON, will also have a famous face behind the camera: Houston's friend and WAITING TO EXHALE co-star Angela Bassett.

Bassett herself is no stranger to the musical biopic having famously played Tina Turner in the movie WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT? Bassett recently had a great turn on the FX series AMERICAN HORROR STORY as a voodoo witch. WHITNEY HOUSTON will serve as Bassett's directorial debut. She had this to say about the film.

“I have such regard for both Whitney’s and Bobby’s amazing talents and accomplishments, and I feel a responsibility in the telling of their story,” said Bassett. “Their humanity and bond fascinates us all.”

Set to focus on Houston's life from meeting her husband Bobby Brown until her 2012 death, the movie is going to skip her rise to stardom and instead pay the most attention to the tabloid era of her life. Seeing as this is a Lifetime movie, I wouldn't get excited that this is going to be much better than their recent Elizabeth Taylor movie starring Lindsay Lohan, but with Bassett involved I would hope it wouldn't stoop quite that low.

And remember, crack is whack.



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