Anime-inspired promo teases the fourth season of Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty fans have become all too accustomed to rather lengthy waits between seasons, and it seems as though we're in for more of the same while we await the upcoming fourth season. However, we'll have far more than the usual amount of Rick and Morty to look forward this time around. Instead of simply renewing the series for a fourth season, Adult Swim handed out a 70-episode order in a long-term deal which ensures that we'll have more bizarre adventures across the multiverse than we know what to do with. Although Rick and Morty won't officially return for some time, a brief anime-inspired tease appeared on the Rick and Morty Twitter account to give us a little taste of their trademarked weirdness.

There's even more Rick and Morty-related shenanigans to look forward to as the very first Adult Swim Festival in Los Angeles will include the Rick and Morty Musical Ricksperience, which will bring composer Ryan Elder's songs to life with a 37-piece orchestra. There will also be some "very special guests" making appearances. Please be Sleepy Gary. The Adult Swim Festival will take place through October 5-7.

Source: Adult Swim



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