Aniston jams to Marley

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson have signed on to star in MARLEY & ME, which is not the story of a couple of lovable stoners who get high and listen to Bob Marley's "Legend" on repeat all day long. It's actually about a couple and their rascally dog. In fact it's probably a lot like Wilson's other film YOU, ME AND DUPREE with Dupree in this case being a dog. The film is based on the John Grogan memoir about a couple who adopt a dog in hopes that it will prepare them to be parents. What they get is a hyperactive dog that destroys the house and doesn't listen to any of their commands. As you might expect (if you've seen any other dog movie), the troublesome dog eventually wins their hearts and saddens us all when the time comes to send the pooch up to doggie heaven. David Frankel (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA) will direct from a script by Scott Frank (OUT OF SIGHT). Fox has been scrambling this month trying to get the production going before the impending strike. They are looking to get filming underway early in 2008. Aniston recently signed on to star in HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU while Wilson can be seen in the upcoming comedy DRILLBIT TAYLOR.

Extra Tidbit: The book was rewritten for younger readers and retitled "Bad Dog, Marley!"
Source: Variety



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