Anna movie already?

Hot off the heels of yesterday's thrilling paternity proceedings, indie filmmakers Jack and Joseph Nasser have announced their upcoming Anna Nicole Smith biopic. Nothing like the crass exploitation of a dead woman to start your Wednesday right! To play Anna Nicole they've cast Willa Ford, a woman who I'm sure knows all too well the life of a former Playboy model (NSFWness) struggling with sub-C-level fame. In fact it took a IMDB and Wiki search for me to even find out why she was "famous." Apparently she was a singer? And on "Dancing With the Stars"? Two things that missed me completely. The Anna Nicole movie will cover all the hot points from the Guess jeans model, to Playboy, to schtupping that old, rich dude, to getting fat, to getting addicted to drugs, to eventually dying. Cue sad music. No word yet on when filming might begin on the Anna Nicole story.

Extra Tidbit: Ford's musical credits include the song "Fuck The Men," a girl power anthem not unlike Alanis Morrisette's "You Oughta Know" except for the fact that it completely sucks.
Source: Variety



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