Annabelle 2 gets new title and is now called Annabelle: Creation

During a CinemaCon presentation at the Warner Bros. panel, they revealed the new title for ANNABELLE 2, which is now ANNABELLE: CREATION. This probably means it's an - ugh - origin story. Here's what the director, David F. Sandberg, had to say about it on Twitter:

They also showed a clip at the panel, which, according to Variety

included a horrifying children’s tea party as a petrified, crucifix-holding Miranda Otto looks on as supernatural shaking ensues courtesy of the titular possessed doll. Then comes a loud spine crack from her posssessed daughter.

Now, I wasn't really a fan of THE CONJURING, and have no interest in the ANNABELLE spin-off franchise, but I do hope that the people who are fans are excited by this news. I mean...are you?

Either way, ANNABELLE: CREATION will be terrorizing theaters August 11th, 2017, close to Halloween, but far enough away from real horror films to avoid any fair competition.

Extra Tidbit: To be fair, I've never seen ANNABELLE. Is it as terrible as the trailer - and reviews - make it sound?
Source: Variety



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