Annabeth Gish will reprise her role of Agent Reyes in The X-Files revival

They're certainly packing quite a lot of characters, both new and old, in the upcoming X-Files revival aren't they? The latest addition to the show is one who will be quite familiar to fans of the series, assuming you stuck around for the final seasons that is. It's been announced that Annabeth Gish will be reprising her role of Agent Monica Reyes for one episode of Fox's six-episode revival series.

Annabeth Gish told X-Files News that she was "very much looking forward to revisiting my role as Monica Reyes in The X-Files Revival. I'm sure it will be an exciting reunion with the incredible X-Files cast, family and fans." The character of Monica Reyes first appeared mid-way through season eight of The X-Files before being made a series regular in the show's ninth and final season. Those hoping that Gish's return will also mark the return of Robert Patrick's Agent John Doggett will be disappointed as Patrick has previously said said that he "was not going to do it." Of course, this is The X-Files we're talking about here so...trust no one.

I wasn't the biggest fan of her character during those final years, but I have to admit that I'm curious as to what Reyes (and Doggett) has been up to in the years since we last saw her. Annabeth Gish will join fellow returning cast-members Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi, William B. Davis, Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund, and Sheila Larken in the six-episode event series which will premiere on January 24, 2016.

Source: X-Files News



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